Running w/o tps sensor????


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I have a broken tps sensor on my zc motor, dumbass me forgot to replace it when I put it in. Well I know engine will run with out it, and I cant replace it right away because of lack of time. Car is not on the road yet. My question is how is the engine preformance without it? I know its going to throw a code and I am not worried about that, does it change idle or engine at wot?


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You fuel maps are designed by percentage of throttle. When your just going down the road, the ECU see's that your just driving eaisly, and since the throttle is not wide open, very little air is getting in, so the ECU does not throw in alot of fuel. Then when you floor it, your letting in more air, so the ecu dumps more fuel into the system. Now your ECU can't tell where it is. Your performance will defently suffer, and I am sure your gas millage would too.


Do a search in the ef forum, there was a post about getting tps sensors from a cbr for around 35-40 bucks.


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The ecu will tro a cell.
The fuel maps x acis is working from the Mbar(map sensor) value and the y axis is working from the RPM