rusty rear wheel wells

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Where can I get something like the fender replacements for trucks? I need something that I can just weld on after I cut off the cancerous rusty quarter panel wheel wells. Or do I have too look around for a junkyard car that I can cut pieces off of?


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Well it depends what year and model or the truck you have, but a place like year one, or other compaines liek that, can be a good start.


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Originally posted by jimboburgess@Jul 16 2005, 08:53 PM
bend up some tin and bondo it.
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bondo chips off a couple of years get a better metal compound then bondo or find a peice of steel or sheetmetal and form it


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I cut it all away on my crx and built new ones with fiberglass, came out good. I applied three layers of fiberglass on the inside of the panel, and one on the outside. I applied a little bit of plastic filler and sanded it down smooth with an orbital sander.
If you know how to weld, making new ones out of metal are far better.

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1) year one is old mucle car parts not ricers
2bondo does not flake off is applied properly
3)fiberglass is not the correct way to do it

4) get a piece of sheet metal and a ruber mallet then a sand bag and form a new panel. ( the rear quaters of a car take about 1-2 hrs so for you a good day to make it look good). Weld it in fill sand and paint


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yeah, i realized i said bondo and meant dura-glass, and something else. I fixed mine like that. also remove the weather striping, all it does is hold water. Not one of honda's finer car design moments.


I sandblasted all the rust off of mine, went the fiberglass rout. two layers inside, 1 layer outside. Worked like a champ.. Then a year and a half later that shit cracked away from the metal on one side... time to start ALL OVER.. Screw fiber glass.


the best way to do it is to find a car with non rusted quarters...

i have one extremely helpful hit though that i've used a couple times with excellent results...

you can use the front fender from a honda to recreate the rear wheel wells...

lets say you have rust right behind the drivers side wheel, very common area...
you would take the passenger side fender, cut the front corner out, cut the rusted area out, and just weld the new piece in...
it usually matches perfect...

depending on your car you might need an accord/integra/civic front fender...
just see which front fender has the right lip size and curve...


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Go dumpster diving at a body shop for the metal, tack the patch in, grind it with 24 grit, apply duraglas, sand to contour etc.