s13 silkroad install

welp, with the help of airj0ckey the other night, the install was pretty simple. but what looked like a 2" drop turned out to tuck my 15" wheels. lol i almost got stuck on an atm last night.

so part 2, is raising the car up.... and my god, what a fucking bitch it is when its on the car. 30 min of 1/8th turns with the tool, and i'm up about 1/4 of an inch. christ. lol

so, note to anyone else- start high, and tune them lower if needed. cuz going up, sucks.

I'll post pics of the slammedness later on, and then the not-so-slammedness after i finish raising it up.. which coul dbe a few hours. then, i gotta get my damn usb port work. freakin windows.

my drive way is crooked, not the car :)

it kicks out so much easier now. way better setup. running the dampers 3 up front, 4 in the back, and the ride is VERY streetable. i'd say its about as harsh as the tein ha's are on my honda.... which IMO, is perfectly cool to drive on on the streets. having hte front on 8 yesterday was just insane. car rode like it was on air bags or something. haha


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Ya should have left them the way I had them the first time.... :doh:

you had to learn the hard way.... :lol:

Me: Ok, that should do it...looks fine. ;)
B: Lets drop it. :D
Me: Are you sure? :unsure:
B: Yeah, I drove the sol all the time slammed....I know what I want. B)
Me: OK, your kidneys........... :roll:
B: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :blink: :ph34r:


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Dizzam B! That shit was slammed. But it's at a good height now. Whats the camber and toe on that biatch?

Oh and this just seemed like it needed done.....

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lmao you homo. enjoy your broken leg :D

camber up front is at -2 ish toe, no clue, camber in back, no clue- but its set on 0, but def has some neg camber.

number are for pussies. play with it till it feels right =)


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already have it. you had some really good drifts in the first min or so, specially the smokey one :D

and wow, Clayton is the king of oversteer.


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those fucking badgers...

and the video is not working shitty...i do not think though that the link is broken