s2000 motor

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i saw s2000 motor today really cheep.can i fit it in my 96 ex. has any
body done this swap.useing gsr tranny mayby.
f series rwd engine fwd 96 civic $$$$ arm leg $$$$ - gsr tranny f20c tranny = alot of wasted time and money and possibly a working car.
well looks like its never been done,i am not going to be the first,i like my
arm & legg....& kidney.thanks.
Anythings possible with the right mind. You just gotta sit and think about it. do you plan on making it RRWD? If not, ive heard the 90-91 prelude si tranny bolts right on to the block.
we'r getting somewere thats the right way to go. thats fantastic.
No prob, i was actualy going to try making my prelude AWD with that motor and crv AWD system. Still might some day. Just dont have the time and money right now. :unsure:
they do have 4wd civics in japan,so every thing is posible. i hate to see
a fine honda motor such as the k20c for cheep & not buy it .if it wont
fit on civic.i will make it fit on rwd toyota corola(toy project).or i will
throw it in my back yard until the time is right.
I thought the k20c was the rsx motor. S2000 motor and rsx are totaly diffrent. One, the s2000 has roller rockers.
my mistake its s2000 motor not the new integra rsx. i wrote the engin
code somewere.i think its f20c.
Its just RSX, the integra has nothing to do with it. They discontenued the integra after the rsx was put on the market. I hate i-vtec, but s2000 vtec is nice.
it will cost you 20,000 on TOP of the price of an s2000 swap to get it in your car.

and probably 10,000 more in trying to get it running.

at that point, you might as well have bought a fucking s2000 in the first place
end yourself

thank you
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