S2000 Tail Light Conversioin Questions

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what all would i need to get to convert my tail lights to the lights of an s2000 besides the lights themselves and a body shop to do it i have a 1995 Del Sol SI and would like to just get everything i need and take it to the shop to have it done
actually this is one of the only body mods i like, the only problem is the price, you will have to cut, remold, then paint, cost alot.
would probably look like this:
that is suck a bad example because that is suck a riced out sol, if the car was actually clean (no spoiler, body kit and more vinal then paint) it would actually look good

this one is not as bad, still has spoiler, body kit, and monster rims but it is a little less extreme

and the purple paint is just ghey
i think that purple paint is pretty sweet. dont mind the wing or the body kit either. in fact, i'd say thats probably the sweetest looking sol ive seen so far. (just my opinion)
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