San Diego Based Job Openings Available


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Excel Telecom is currently hiring for morning and night positions in the San Diego area. We work around your schedule. We market out products which include Phone Services, Cell Phone Plans, Internet Service Providers, and Paging Services. Hours are very flexible. $300-$800/week. No Experience neccessary, Job training is included. 18 years or older is preferred but not required.

Background Requirements:
* No experience needed. Training is readily available.

Abilities and Skills Profile:
* Must be able to talk to others in a friendly manner.
* Must be a motivated individual.

Competency/Behavioral Profile:
*Must display a high sense of professionalism.


If interested, please email me at [email protected] or please leave me your name and number at (858)-405-2687. Ask for Anthony.


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It is a pyramid scam, one that works for you. Your friends probably got jipped because they did no work. Team Dynasty in San Diego is expanding and we are now hiring. You get paid residuals off other people's phone bills, so it is a pyramid scam, a good one that is in your benefit.


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We do not telemarket. We go and find loyal customers like friends and family and offer them Resdiential and Long Distance Calling Plans, Cell Phone Services, and ISPs.

IF you are still skeptical: -Main Website -Site Created for the Skeptical.
(800)-875-9235 -You can call our customer service hotline [toll free!].
(858)-496-2131 - Call the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and find out for yourself if this is really a pyramid scam.

If you are interested in making $300-$500 on your free time, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or please leave me your name and number at (858)-405-2687. Ask for Anthony.



its 1am, im bored. I checked out the website.

Here is my INTELLIGENT .03 cents (since my i.q. is above the "normal" human being, my opinion counts for .1 cent more than everyone else's)

You claim this is a chance to "own your own business", or rather the website does....

As a small business owner myself, I thought the goal of owning your own business was to make YOURSELF money, not others.

Allow me to digress.

If this was indeed a system where the average person, coupled with hard work and a little gumption, could make even a plausible salary off doing.....whatever it is you do.

Why then, does the web page show the "lifestyles" of the ones who did make it big?

Why do they show the expensive cars and whatnot?


this leads me to believe that this "lifestyle" section of the website is there to MOTIVATE the "employee" ....

Why would they want to "motivate" the employee?

Do you see such major corporations as Best Buy, Sears, Microsoft (work with me on that one...) advertising a "lifestyles" section on their potential employer website?


Therefore, we can reasonably conclude that there are people out there, that are NOT making money by using this "system", instead they turn to the website, and dream a dream of "what could be".

So these poor people, who work a full time job, as well as take care of their familes and kids, and WASTING THEIR FUCKING TIME doing "whatever it is you do" in order to make a few fat cats at the top rich.

Obviously. Why else would the website and "company" be in existance for? Do you really think that the creater of the website and "company" has a heart of gold, and wants to make EVERYBODY rich with nothing at all in it for himself?

What a nice guy.

Hey dude, your gonna be rich !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im catching the next plane to Las Vegas. Im going to place a bet. (vegas takes all kinds of bets) Im going to bet that the wetback mexican who lives across the street from me, will win the lottery BEFORE you make it rich by working for this "company"........10000000000 to 1 odds. any takers?

anyways the point im trying to make is that this is NOT going to make you any money. Think of all the thousands of poor, broke lower class citizens who have been preyed upon by sheishters like this.

This is not "owning your own business".....hell this isnt even franchising a motherfucking burger king.

This is selling fraudulent dreams to people who are prone to believing these fantasy fairy tales (i.e. the poor, broke and uneducated) in order to make a few fat cats at the top rich.

I hope that kid with the ferrari who is 27 years old, get his punk ass white faggot ass car jacked for the amount of emotional and financial damage he did to people by preying on their desires to get rich.

And they claim the BBB and FBI gives them the "thumbs up" ???????

The BBB and FBI also gave Martha Stewart the "thumbs up" when her and Kmart went ahead with their multi-billion dollar deal....

Until the dumb cunt was caught dumping her stocks before the company went under......

and in case you are wondering, YES I AM PLAYER HATING. Player hating for the simple fact that I thought people were too smart to fall for pyramid schemes. Believe me....since highschool I always had a way of making a quick buck. Be it a pyramid scheme on a small level with the FOB's from korea and japan to whatever else I did back in the day....

Im player hating because I didnt think people would be that fucking stupid to fall for some shit like this. I can honestly create a system like this that gives off the illusion that you too can make it big. I SO can fucking do it. dammit dammit sonofabitch. Had I known that this type of slick production bullshit still works on ass woulda been scamming motherfuckers right and left out of their hard earned money time and self respect.

On a side note....for the past 10 years since I graduated highschool, (and failed all fours years of high school algebra.....never took physics nor chemistry....english boy here....) my crack team of scientific researchers have developed a new type of clothing, of which I will soon start to sell on my website,

It is of the utmost finest fabric in the ENTIRE WORLD. What does it do you ask?
Well, people who are stupid, dumb and ignorant cannot see the fabric. Yes, it looks like the person is wearing nothing at all !!!!!! But only the stupid, dumb and ignorant people cannot see my clothes. People who are smart, refined, and very them, my clothing looks like nothing you have ever seen in your life !!!!

Also, I know I offered it up for sale before.....but my offer to sell the bridge in Arizona to the highest bidder still stands.


Originally posted by YangpaNemsay@Apr 8 2004, 04:36 PM
We do not telemarket. We go and find loyal customers like friends and family and offer them ........

Boys and Girls,

Today's show is brought to you by the word:


(co-sponsored in part by SUBJECTIVE REASONING)

i would like to translate this quote into plain and simple english:

We do not telemarket. We go and find loyal customers like friends and family and offer them ........

We do not telemarket, in the sense that we do not call up people's houses and bother them with sales pitches. Instead we create bogus threads on chat boards, dress up in nice shirts and ties and goto "meetings" with other people who got suckered into this scheme and try and portray a sense of self sufficiency along with a dose of successfullness. We bother our friends, family and neighbors with a slick crafted sales pitch, all the while not bothering to explain fully what we do, lest the person catches on.


and on a final note.....

Thanks for the link to the website. I am bookmarking it, for it does indeed motivate me. I like looking at all the nice cars on there. It motivates me to work even harder on my small business so that one day I WILL make it big.


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I've never heard of Amway before but listening to some people about it, sounds like Amway is a scam. But Vartech pays you in checks and deposits in the bank. Come down to my Office in Miramar in San Diego and I'll show you a business presentation. Vartech is a $2 Billion Dollar privately held firm. We've been in business for the past 10 years in Austin, Texas and in no way will rip you off persay. We recently started a regional group in San Diego and are looking for loyal business associates. Anyone that is doubtful, come by the office and i'll show you the business.

If anyone needs a ride down to Miramar, you can carpool with me. I'll come pick you guys up if you need it. If you come down, you can see my friend Johny's custom Turbocharged RSX Type-S he fixed up with the money he made from this. He's been in the business for about a year and he bought a brand new RSX and he's part of Team Hybrid and gets his stuff at the Hook-Up-Shop. At least stop by and see the car, it looks sick, two-tone black and silver.


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The way we make cash 2 ways in this business. 1- We market Products and 2. We have people join.

20 products sold =$400/week indefinately (even if you earn 20 points and stop, you continue to get $400 every week.)

Every person you get to join =$300 (every person they bring in, you get $125)

That's all you do. And you get direct deposit in your bank account.

I work at a freakin' McDonald's on Aero Drive off Interstate 15 on Balboa Avenue, and i'm gonna quit.
This job is way easier than anything i've done before.