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I was think about getting satillite radio for my car and was wondering what some of your opinions are?

Also, which service is better, xm or serius?

TIA for all your answers.
My roommate has siruis, seems pretty good, almost no commercials, never goes out. Lots of good comedy and sports if you like that, nascar, jim breurer, howard stern. Have a song you want to listen to, you can have it automatically switch whenever it comes on.
Never tried xm...probably similar.
I have a full pioneer XM setup.. was installed in a truck once, I bought it from the guy, and never installed it.. PM me if interested.
Cant loose either way. The best place to go is Best Buy. Those guys know what theyre doing.
Originally posted by aLLmOtOr@Jul 11 2005, 03:09 PM
Cant loose either way. The best place to go is Best Buy. Those guys know what theyre doing.
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Didn't think I would ever see someone post this, hahaha.


i guess it depends on your area .... i wouldnt trust the fucksticks at any of the best buys around me to change a fucking fuse... nevermind install anything
:concur: /\ /\ /\ you may get lucky and have someone who actually knows what the hell is goin on at best buy but the chances of that are slim to none. Wanna know how i know, i used to install for them. at my bay i was the only one capable of anything they were all retards there. my suggestion would be to go to a real car audio shop to get one cause they won't bullshit ya to get a sale and they also won't try to shove other things that aren't need down your throat. with that said the services are pretty much the same. xm has all the baseball games while sirius has all the football games. plus sirius will have howard stern and that is gonna be huge for them. i personally have had both and i am far more impressed with sirius's programming selection. also there is a price difference per month between the two,xm= 9.95 sirius= 12.95. if you have questions call me at my shop i will answer anything you need help with. the shop is ajs car audio and the number is (860) 583-9022 ask for mike tell me you from hondaswap and if you want to buy one from me i will hook ya up with a discount cause your from the board.
i have sirius. i like it a lot. the people at "Good Guys" told me they have mroe satellites than xm and that xm can lose service. plus sirius has more music stations. xm has a lot of talk and show type stuff.
I have both. Yeah, Both. Here is my synopsis:

XM: XM takes better advantage of bandwidth - In other words, they sound better. They sound better only in the voice channels (News and comedy and the like). Sirius voice stations sound like they are over a telephone. XM also has a better arrangment of their rock vs ages stations. On Sirius, if you wanna listen to Rush you may have to go to the 70s channel, you may have to go to one of the 4 classic rock stations, or one of 3 mix stations. on XM you go to one station. XM's comedy is a lot better comedians too (Sirius tends to use old stuff.. like Red Foxx)

Sirius: These guys know the art of music, and they know the art of broadcasting. There is one "pop" channel, and if you are into late 70s / early 80s you're covered. There are also a lot more folk channels, Reggae (Which XM lacks) and a Groove channel which is nothing but funk and groove bands. And like in the previous paragraph, They have a huge selection of classic rock stations. If you like Rap Sirius has a more mainstream selection, with bleed over into R&B categories.

For equipment: XM and Sirius equipment is all different. If you like the Audiovox XR9 (Which I use for XM) then XM is your only choice. If you like what Xact offers, you're in for Sirius. There are few small-profile Sirius units out there, and the nicer units are reserved for XM. The my-fi, which offers the most complete arrangement of features, XM is what you have to use. Also, they are mostly amber illuminating (Which I can't stand). I have the blue dot-matrix VFD XR9, and I switched the interior illumination of the truck to Blue to match.

Do NOT get a head unit with built-in satellite radio. The display is too constrictive - regardless of what you may find. The dedicated units have a better display that displays more. I run Sirius on a Panasonic head unit, and it lacks features that all dedicated units have (like Favorites, memories, scanning and a convenient display). Plus, with each company now offering month to month subscriptions, you can switch to another unit if you find a liking with the competing brand.

All this said, my suggestion is the Roady 2. The Roady 2 has a small display, and locks out features unless you get an extra remote control. But the Roady is completely portable and has different colored and engineered cases. Also, the XM support markets are more open.

Hope that helps !

-> Steve
Appreciate the write-up Steve. :thumbsup:

I was leaning more toward sirius anyway because I heard that they offer a better music selection than xm.

What I still dont get is all the different units that you mentioned. Is one better than the other or do they all essentially do the same thing?

Im not lookin to spend a whole bunch of money for a satillite radio setup, just lookin for something basic.
Make no mistake: Many of the units out there are the SAME GODDAM ELECTRONICS in a different box. It's like competing Cellphones, they all have similar operating systems, menus and features. Some may have more memory, some may have a better power circuitry, but they are all based on a handful of taiwanese main boards.

Then the subscriber company comes along to a trade show and buys particular models based on exterior design and marketting plans, and the manufacturer begins production on that licenced design, slipping in either XM or Sirius chips to meet the subscriber service.

And they do it based not on provider company, but on models. So that is why Delphi can offer units in both services, and they can cater their units for each other's demographics. Sirius, for instance, licenced the Delphi Sportster, because Sirius makes a metric buttload of money providing Baseball coverage. And the sportster is a lower-model Delphi unit with sports channel pre-encoded. that's it.

So your only real options with the equipment is your use of it - The Roady units have walkman plugins, to make them like the Myfi, and the unit costs $60 (With another $40 for the walkman unit), changeable display colors (It's the ONLY unit with this feature) and it's an XM device. But if you're a car-only guy (Like I am) you'll have audiovox offering permanent install units that have a half-din display and control unit.

If you own multiple cars, go with something external. Definately. Paying extra for extra units sucks. I have the XR90 with two cradles, for the truck and the Civic. The CRX is getting the Panasonic head unit / Sirius trunk unit combo because I hacked it :)

-> Steve
I have sirius and i like it alot.never cuts out and alota channels.where i used to work they had xm and it was ok but i like sirius better.yeah get one of the portable units its handy to take in the house and sruff rather then just have it in the car
Are they(the units) easy to install, or should I have a pro do it?

Im not electronically inclined by any means so if it is difficult then installing it myself is not an option.
Originally posted by trappd-in-859@Jul 13 2005, 06:47 PM
Are they(the units) easy to install, or should I have a pro do it?

Im not electronically inclined by any means so if it is difficult then installing it myself is not an option.
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easy as it can be. all you do is put the antenna on the roof,plug the power into the cig lighter,set your radio for the proper freq and your good to go.verry simple
thats funny that sirius isnt offered in canada yet, cause the activation dept. is in canada. haha. i particularly like sirius myself, but have heard 50-50 opinions about both companys.
I have sirius and liked it but I was not in my car enough to use it. Recently we moved to southern cali so im sure that will change and I will probably turn it back on. I have a kenwood head unit with sirius built in and I love it no problems.
I'm now back on Sirius in the Civ and I can give you an updated view of the two services :

Sirius has better music if you're into some really eclectic shit (I'm listening to right now, that fucked up) but the voice channels are complete garbage. IT's like they have a different bitstream dedicated to the talk channels. Baseball is still the order of the day on Sirius.