Sealing Headlight?

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Okay I need some help, I've got a pair of TYC projectors on my civic, and I'm not really happy with the fitment. Anyways I want to put my stock lights back on, but they need to be re-sealed. I've heard of people placing them in the oven at 250 and baking them to soften the sealant. Now how exactly do you go about doing that without burning down the house and explaining to the fire department you were baking your headlights? I have never gone about this before ,so I want to play it safe. So if anyone could help me out with any advice on re-sealing my lights, I would really appreciate the help!


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What I did was removed after I removed the headlight removed pretty much all the mounting hardware so it was just the housing and put it in the oven at 225 for about 10 minutes but watching it the whole time making sure nothing was going to happen then pulled it out and peeled it apart with a screw driver and sealed it back up with some hondabond

I just did it to the stock headlights because the seal broke and it was a little rusted inside