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This list will be maintained by the mods/admins of the board. see below for detials on how to report a scammer

I am starting to put together a list of sellers that you should not buy from. This could be because they never delivered a product, they sent the wrong product and refused to correct the mistake, they misrepresented a product, they are known to sell stolen parts, etc. If you have had a bad experience with a company or person PM me with the story and we will let people know in this thread.

I wil start the list with The company is called Asylum Motorsports and they are located in Greater Denver (Littleton, I think). They have horrible customer service and I have read several stories of them taking someone's money and never delivering a product.

Kent Myers was hi or delcamino on this site. Do not buy from him. If you know where he is or how to contact him let an admin or mod know, he scammed several of our members for a lot of money.

added Kent's last name and fixed your Asylum MS link -Calesta
added bold stuff up top - pissedoffsol
JasonEg6, aka Jason Clary, in CA 94546. Reference:

Slimtadder aka Tim Slatter. Reference:

First Class Auto due to poor, if any, customer service. Contact asmallsol for the full story. Locations: Osaka JDM Motors. Do a search for a reference, there are a ton of them. JDM Engine Dynamics. A friend bought an engine from them because they had a startup garauntee, when the engine arrived the cap/rotor was destroyed, the IAC was missing, the PVC valve was disentigrated and parts of it were floating around under the valve cover. The said they would re-emburse him for the parts that were broken/missing then they stopped returning his email/phone calls. Avoid them.
Originally posted by saturn_boy96@PM
I found a guy on, he was selling a GSR tranny for $525 shipped. His name is Francis Flores and he is working out of the new jersey area.

Any way i found his add like the last week of march, and we talked on the phone and emailed and everything seemed very cool. so i sent him a money order for $525 and he confirmed that he recieved the money. after that he stopped responding to my calls and e-mails.

Well, last week i tried to call him and left a voice mail on his cell. later that day i got a call from this guy named Drew. it turned out that drew got ripped by francis too, except he got ripped for $1,700 for a drag 3 turbo kit. drew got my number because he learned the passnumber to francis' voice mail and has since been checking francis mail waiting to see if anyone else got ripped or if he could get any info that way.

dew and i compared addresses we sent our money to and i sent mine to an account with a Mail Boxes Etc. in a mall, and He sent his to a mail boxes etc, but they were in different towns.

he has been talking to a detective with the franklin county police dept. and if you would like his email i can give it to you.

the e-mail address Francis Flores uses is
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I couldn't quite find who to message about the sellers to avoid section, so I went to the top :D . Anyways, I made a $500 purchase from in Feb. (fenders, headlight, electronic equipment, etc.) I was supposed to have the shipment within two weeks. Two weeks turned into two months and still nothing. I placed over 20 calls to their shop before they finally gave me another number (where they order their parts). I placed 10+ calls to them- all long distance! Anyways, I finally contacted my credit card company to file a fraudulant claim and it took months to recover. Here it is Nov. and I finally got the charge back credited to my card. Ten months late, to say the least is poor business :angry: Thanks man, I'm not sure if anyone else on honda swap has ever dealt with them, so I thought I'd give a warning.
93HB aka Manuel Mendez or Rudy from San Marcos, TX

Originally posted by PM From adidas_man
Manuel had a post for a b series turbo kit for sale
i contacted him about the turbo and he gave me all the info on the turbo. I offered a partial trade plus cash. A complete JDM B16 head, DC Sports Headers and 500 dollars. At first he declined the offer. Then a couple of dayz later he PMed me wanting to know if i was still interested in the trade. I told him i was, but i wouldn't be able to send him the headers until i got the turbo kit because the headers were still on my car and i didn't want any downtime on my car except the install time. he said he understood and he was cool with that. So I sent him the 500 dollars and the head. Once he received it all, he said that he would send the kit out the next day. Well the next day i contacted him for the tracking info and he said that we might have to work something else out because the water jacket to the thermometer on the head was broken, which was probably broken during shipment. I asked him what he wanted to do, and he never responded with an answer. So a couple of days go by and i contacted him again and told him just to send my money and my head back and i'll go someplace else for the turbo. well he said he would. And that was back in April. After about a month of trying to contact him, which he stop responding to my emails, and he somehow is never home when i call, which is at any hour of the day, i finally got the authorities involved. They have been able to contact him and he has told them that he would send me back my head and my 500 dollars, and that was about a month ago. well its now the beginning of July i still don't have my head, my 500 bux or a turbo kit. Just wanted to let everybody know about him, i've noticed that he has many other posts in the classifieds just don't want any others to fall into the same trap that i did.
Originally posted by PM From importjdmcivic+-->
PM From importjdmcivic) said:
ckyhimself is a bed seller. I bought an intake from him 2 weeks before the 4th of July and he received my MO a week before the 4th and told me he had received it and would send the intke out so that i would receive it before the holiday weekend. Well it didn't come and so i just figured it got held up and i would receive it the following week...well its the 26th now and he hasn't returned any messages and won't answer to me on I know i got screwed but I just want some justice ya know...his name is Brad Brooks and he lives in Rochester NY....I don't want anybody else to get screwed by this guy in the future....Thank you for your time.

Originally posted by PM From aznguyen316@
Brian Walker. I sent this guy 700 via Western Union for a B16a2 tranny and auto-manual swaps. I got this guys number and talked and also on AIM. Seemed to be very legit. I hopped on this deal and after a week was told the item was shipped and then various b.s. stories. He then later changed his number. I was able to get on another AIM sn and talk to him again and got his new number. Contacted him again and gave me the same b.s. Now he AGAIN changed his phone number. I posted an AD on partstrader saying to not buy from this guy and have since receieved 5 different e-mails of other buyers that have been scammed by him. Watch out for this guy, he seems very legit but is not. Located in Tampa, FL.

PM From superflybunnygirl

Below you will find the last PM i got from nxt774. I will try to tell you what happened as truthfully and honestly as I can. I had read a post in the for sale section stating that a person was parting out a CRX. I replied asking if he had a distributor for sale. He said no but another person sent me a pm saying that he would sell me his used dizzy for 45 shipped. I said cool and sent him a money order for it. It has been more than 2 weeks and 4 pm's and I've never seen the dizzy or heard back from this person. Is there anyway that you could post a warning in your sellers to avoid thread?

If you have any questions for me feel free to ask.
I don't have a name or an address. I was too trusting and deleted all but this last PM.

Message Forwarded From nxt774

yes i got it yeaster day sorry about that i wlso wrecked my gsr that nite now thats totaled.i will try and get that sent out today but if not i will def get it out tom. ok
once again im sorry that i didnt send it out yeasterday i was just a little preoccupied.


wondering if you got the money order yet? I sent it out almost a week ago.


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