Selling all my stuff at CRACKHED Prices!!

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I've got lots of stuff i've gotta get rid of ASAP....

SSAutoChrome B Series Manifold & 2.25" downpipe SOLD TO ADIDAS_MAN!

Turbonetics t3/t4 turbo, SOLD TO ADIDAS_MAN!

Custom 2.5" Exhaust for 92-00 Civics with Apexi' n1 Gunmetal muffler. Muffler sits about 2" past bumper to prevent sooting of the bumper & melting of the bumper that some people have a problem happening with n1's. Would probably fit 94+ integras since its 2" longer too.. $225

17" Rota Subzero rims with 205/40/17 Toyo Proxy FZ4 Tires.. sold!

Sony Pentium 2 Computer. Not sure on total specs. Believe its Windows 98 or Windows ME, has DVD player, USB, & firewire on it. It was the first of the Sony Multimedia Video Editing series... $250 w/ monitor & built in speakers. Great computer for the kids.

Most of the prices are somewhat negotiable... Cash talks.
Location: Norwich, CT (About 30 seconds from Swift Norwich Location)
Contact Info:
AIM: scrapinsi2003 or nperkins2004
Yahoo: ScrapinSi2003

Or PM me here. I am available by phone, but just don't want to post it publicly on here.

I will add & remove things as I sell them / find them in the closets...

Also, i will CONSIDER selling my TMaxx... I dont NEED to sell it, but if I got the right offer, i'd sell it to buy a revo. This is not a beginner r/c... 2 speed transmission, 4 wheel drive, gas powered... Followed Traxxas break in procedures, only run Traxxas fuel in it. This truck is capable of 40+ mph... Not something you buy for your 5 year old...

Has the following mods:
Integy front Bulkheads
Integy Front Skid
Front Swaybar upgrade
Stock wheels/tires with SnowChains
Billet Aluminum wheels with Masher Tires
Aluminum Battery Box
Rustler Gas Tank
Suburban Body as well as Stock TMaxx Body
Futaba radio & receiver
Traxxas FOC (Not Installed)
Dynamite Failsafe

Has more stuff, but I dont remember everything... I'll throw in all the extras I have too...

Due to some problems I had with previous buyers, remember folks... these are USED parts, and no, they don't come with warranties... <_<


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not really... its made to fit the SSAutoChrome manifold... any other manifold may make the turbo sit too high / low.


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are you willing to trade for any thing. i have a NOS nitrous kit that i'll trade you for the turbo, then i'll buy the mani, and downpipe off of you. let me know.


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woot woot.......turbo, mani, and downpipe me