Selling Car Audio Inventory So I Can Turbo My Ls!

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If this post isnt ok mods let me know I can delete it. I am not advertising a business though I am just trying to sell what I can cause I am done. I am getting out of the Car Audio business for good and my whole inventory is for sale. Most items are pretty firm, a deal could be worked out if you want more than one item! Shipping is additional, it will be actual cost of ups ground, or if you would like I can send faster. All are new unless otherwise indicated. I can send COD, advance if you have enough references, I accept postal money order only though, sorry! Locals (mn people I would prefer cash) and mn people can come pick up. I wont have any of this up here til probably monday of the 10th of march, its on its way freight from florida where my warehouse/storage used to be. So here is the list:

ABC6002 Component Set Highest one bahn has: $150
ACX652 Coaxial speakers with crossover network: $80
AFG12c Chrome Subwoofer Grills, made of cast steel : $35 (4 of them)
AFG10 10" Subwoofer grill, polished aluminum finish: $30
AS69c 6x9" 200w rms Speakers $45

Perfect 6.1 6.5" 450w Aluminum Coned Component set (ret. $449.99) $240
60.5cs Kappa Component set 270W: $145
50.5cs Kappa Component set 225W: $135
693.5i Kappa 6x9" 3 Way Speakers 330W: $132 (2 pair)
63.5i Kappa 6.5" 3 way speakers 225W: $107
42.3i Kappa 4" Speaker 2 way 150W: $77
6953i Reference 6x9" 3 way speakers 100W: $77
652i Reference 6.5" 2 Way speakers 180W: $63
552i Reference 5.25" 2 Way Speakers 135W: $59
4652i Reference 4x6" 105w Speakers: $56 (3 sets)
Kappa 120.3 12" DVC Subwoofer 1200w $105
Kappa Perfect 12.1 DVC 12" 1250W Sub $145

Planet Audio:
6963x 200W 3 Way 6x9's Kevlar cone etc nice: $68
6952x 200w 2 way 6x9's " : $56
63ckx 3 way component set (6.5" mid, 4" mid and tweeter) 250w: $90

5 Cans of Spray on sound deadening: $15 each
1 roll of orignal dynamat 13 sq ft: $35
1 Trunk kit: $57 SOLD!

Phoenix Gold Amp Kits Comes with power/gnd wire, rca's all terminals fuseblock etc:
8 Gauge: $28 (3 of these for sale)
4 Gauge: $38

Cerwin Vega:
1 HED12DVC 12" Woofer: $53
Vega12d4 12" DVC 800w subs. best sub @ best buy a year ago, not here for about 2 weeks, $100 each (3 of them)

Poweramper Capacitiors, 1 farad digital caps with mounting brackets: $65 each

Email me @ or pm me, phone # is 952 210 4740 if you want to call. When the stuff comes in I can get pics for anyone of anything!
I will trade for light 15's preferably with tires in 4x100 bolt pattern, or a nice spring/shock combo or any part there of. No shitty parts, eibach, neuspeed, koni etc.