Selling My 88 CRX HF Shell.

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So ive finally decided to sell my CRX Beast. This has been a project that has taken way too long, So im taking my motor out and selling the shell, My part out thread will be posted as soon as I get the motor out. But I would like to see what I can get and if anyone is interested right now, Cause If so I will take the motor out this weekend and sell my shell. Its an 88 Honda CRX HF Shell (Lightest HF Model Year), With Front and Rear Disc Conversion off of a 90-93 Integra. Shell has 116,000 Miles On It. Keep In Mind, All the following items were installed, And car was only driven for under 100 Miles. So your getting a fully hooked up suspension with this shell. I will sell the shell with all of the following:

Front Hubs off 90-93 Integra
Rear Disc off 90-93 Integra
90-93 Integra Master Cylinder/Brake Booster
90-93 Integra Rear Disc Prop. Valve
Brand New Brembo Sport Cross-Drilled Rotors In Front
Brand New Brembo Sport Slotted Rotors in the Rear
Brand New Kevlar Brake Pads in Front, and AEM Brake Pads in Rear.
Brand New Russell Stainless Steel Brake Lines all around
Brand New Front Upper and Rear Upper and Lower Strut Bars.
Brand New H&R Race Springs with KYB Shocks.
Brand New Upper Control Arms
All Brand New Ball Joints.
Brand New 90-93 Teg Speedo Cable.
Battery Relocation Kit Included Also, Already Installed!
The rims on there are just some fake ass Spoon look a likes, Came with car.
Car will also come with the Stock HF Wiring Harness, So whoever buys this car will already be ready to throw in any B-Series Swap.

Im Looking for $2000 for this shell, OBO. PM ME IF INTERESTED.

I will be taking Pictures Later Tonite, So If anyone wants to see pics Just PM me with your email address and Ill send them to you, Cause I dont know how to post the pictures on this site.

Well Everything Is basically Brand new, Im definately willing to negotiate because I know im not gonna get that much, thats what Id Like to get. So Let me know if you at all interested, And I will have pics of everything tomorrow. THANKS
Originally posted by senate_9427@Jul 16 2005, 03:34 PM
2 G's is a lot for a shell
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it has complete new suspension...the brakes and shit alone prob cost him around 500 bucks plus the conversion and all the hours he spent on putting all that stuff there gl with the sale man :bump:
Damn the rust! I'm going to have a crx stamped out of stainless steel.. I've been looking for a nice rust-free shell forever! GRRRR...