Server Migration Today

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Hey all,

expect some downtime today -- we are 'moving' to a new host provider in an effort to cut some costs. Hopefully things will go smoothly and the lower-performing box will still serve the site in a quick fashion.

I will post status to our facebook page as well as this site may be unreachable.

the old server will update dns to point to the new server.
the old site will remain 'off'
the new site will be turned on.

if you see the site off but others see it on, your local dns has not yet updated. it will soon (can take 24 hours)
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ok, took about 4 hours, but i think we are operational.

please let me know if things look wrong. i have a few more clean up tasks to handle but everything should be functioning for the most part.
Tried visiting earlier and was met with a big page saying my account has been suspended. lol. momentary confusion so i figured something was going down. Everything looks and runs the same for me so far.
yup, it's the default process when the site is in flight on as 1s and 0s from location to location.

We moved from DC area to Jersey. If the server smells a bit, you know why...
Have you noticed any issues with speed or performance? I updated some DNS settings earlier today and there was a bit of an outage but all seems back to normal now. I'm feeling the site be a bit faster, personally, but it might be the butt dyno.

it shouldn't be though as i actually downgraded us quite a bit to save on costs.

we went from
8gb ram / 12 cores / sata
4 gb ram / 2 cores / ssd

granted, the old machine was old - 7 years in fact but the performance seems way better to me.
It seems quick to me. Uploads are working good.
attachments are uploading as tmp files, processed through for compression and stored/served through aws s3.
I see no difference in performance, might actually be a little quicker than the old setup.