shaved door kit

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That’s how you get ants
it might be a bit easier to swap over to EX coupe doors first, them put this kit in.

then you also get power windows and mirrors :)


Senior Member
Dude, I used Power door lock silenoids from a 85 Oldsmobile Calais to do my poppwer conversion:p It's a simple task, it really is. You need a power and ground, with a button, a monkey could wire that in 15 minutes. As for mounting it you will have to dick with it a bit if you don't but a "kit", even then there's prolly some tampering to do. Instead of connecting the selinoid to the door locking arm like you would if you were using for power locks you attach it to the door latch actuator instead... then get any stereo place to wire your power/ground into your alarm on one of your auxilary buttons and voila...!