She Is Topless

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It was so nice yesterday, I washed, clayed, and waxed my car. Then when I was done, I went to work topless. It looked so nice, I snaped a few pics.


del Sol...4x4 edition (you like my ricey sticker (the only one on my car)

Wow I need teins quick. April is when they are going on.


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I was expecting something else from the subject.... :lol:

your car looks hella clean though! Me likes a lot :worthy: the top off sure looks sexy


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I saw a guy in his Sol on Sunday... Pimpin his dark green sol (I think they only made those in like 96)... Bone stock, just with the top off, and i think he had an intake...

My girl and I are cruisin in her 1.8t jetta, and pass him, as the turbo is spoolin... He does a ricer flyby, then yanks a turn onto and onramp... As he yanks the turn, i scream OH SHIT! his right rear wheel is off the ground! as he goes sideways one way, then back sideways another, hits sand, spins a 360, and manages to actually be going the right direction, and floors it AGAIN, taking off like an idiot AGAIN! I just had to laugh... if i ever see him, i'm gonna give him a "Way to drive Asshole!" <_< :rolleyes: :lol:

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It was actually really warm here too. (T.Ontario)
I was surprised..
its like summer.. except the melting snow.......


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hahah word. i'm going to take like 100 pics of mine on wednesday... she'll be topless too!


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Originally posted by karnash@Mar 17 2003, 02:03 PM
im going to SUE you for making such a MISLEADING post.....

Haha, I thought the same thing, although I realized about a second before I clicked the link that he was probably talking about his Sol.


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Hahaha, beat you to it Adam :)
BTW this thread is :cockblocked:





del sol VTEC cluster anyone? :D


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Did that gauge cluster come with it? If so, your lucky. Nick, you have a nicer back round.

Today it was nice too so I messed with my car a little bit. When I bought the car, the guy had already put an intake on it but he also gave me the Stock one (in a bag) Finally today (almost a year after I bought it) I wanted to see if there was any diffrance (I hope to run stock class the first autoX) Man does it suck at anywhere above 5 grand. It totally chokes the hell out of it.

I was expecting something else from the subject....

You just have a dirty mind.


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where did you find it at...

You can never find any sol stuff, JDM or USDM (except I did find a set of JDM 1 peice headlights for 250 a set. I am thinking about picking them up)


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wow, get them! the cost of those are 500 plus. I got the cluster from Brian Wong for 80 shipped.


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It is very tempting but the only thing, that means the Teins would come a little later. I am not sure. (btw, this price is at

I will have the money for teins in about 2-3 weeks, then I can place an order.
I have the money now for the lights but my stock ones are in decent condition (except I could probally sell the OEM set on EBAY)


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well, it's nice to see all of you with your Sol's topless. not here in thornton, CO. we got like 4 feet of snow just in the past 2 days, and the streets are barely driveable today. :(