She's Goin' In!

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Here's some pics of my D16Z6 swap into my CRX (in progress) And yes, the paint is High Temp good to 1500 degrees.

ported and polished intake, clean y3 tranny, etc....

all cleaned up and re-painted engine bay


motor has been removed! (these were actually done in reverse order)
Will update when new one goes in next week. still waiting for my exedy clutch.
post any comments!
what paint did you use for the valve cover??? it looks like it still has the crinkle texture to it.. did you just paint over the black??
well, when I bought the motor, the black crap on the valve cover was already pealing, so just scraped the rest of it off. i don't know why it still looked rippled. I think it's just because of the texture of the paint. it's pretty thick paint. and yes, we were pretty tired once that motor was out. we were pretty happy tho!
When i took the D16 out of my civic to put the NEW d16 in, it was hell. Yours looks very nice. But i can only imagine the hell im gonna go through putting that damn H23 thats sitting in my garage in. :(
your crx should go pretty well with a d16z. i've seen one with a 50 shot go 12.54 in the 1/4 mile.
How do you post pictures? And by the way nice setup I wish I could share my setup too. Just don't know how to post pics.