Should I take it?

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Firstly, I own a 1992 Honda Civic Hatchback DX Auto. I have 2 dillemmas, lack of power, and a serious lack of a third pedal under my feet:)

I work in a wrecking yard where I am living, and I recently asked my boss what a complete would cost. We had a 1994 Acura Integra b18b/y80/p72 get rearended and hauled in. 70,000kms (50k miles?) on the odometre and in seemingly well driven/maintained shape.

After asking him he came back to me and said, 2000 CDN (1700 approx USD) for everything I needed. This including Engine, Tranny, ECU, Starter, Alternator, Harnesses, Pedal set, Clutch master, Linkage, Axels, Mounts, hoses and lines/wires... EVERYTHING I need out of that car, 2k flat.

IMO that sounds like a damn near steal after seeing most engines around here going 1500-2000 alone with those kms/miles on them. But I want the word of those that have done this swap, caus ethey know what it REALLY costs in the end:p

Lastly, does the 94-95 Teggy manual petal set bolt right into the 5th gen Auto's?
And what mounts do I need and where can I get them, I know I know, HASPORT, but can the Teggy mounts replace the Civic ones and work properly?
I'd say do it, im not sure about the mounts, but everything else should work. And i think the pedal assembly will work, but someone correct me if i am wrong, and dont forget to get the hydraulic lines/actual cylinder for the master cylinder (clutch cylinder).
Well I would be buying the rights of salvage, so i can take everything I want, and the rest will be "returned" to the yard. I work there so i know the car's history, and it's an excellent convenience that I can use the hoist to hop both engines out and drop one in:p I think 2k's a decent price considering I get the entire thing, not to mention those beautiful brake upgrades and sway bars:p
Considering that you will be able to take anything off the car that you want, YES! I say get it and strip the living shit out of it, take ALL the good parts, anything you dont use or need sell them on here or on eBay. As long as it looks generally clean I say go for it! :thumbsup:


The answer to your questionis simply yes, it will have everything you need to do the conversion....

Except, you will need an auto to manual mount, whichc is availible from HAsport.
Will the mounts other then the rear tranny(cause Hasport is needed) bolt right into the civic chassis for the conversion, or do I need a full mount kit?
Also why your stripping the car take out the brake master cylinder and the whole disc brake setup! You will be happy with better braking capabilities!
As I previously mentioned you mean? hehe. for the brakes I need the brake master w/ attached resevoir and...... lines? or are they interchangable? also, what do I need for a disk brake on the rear end, just the spindle outward, or the upper/lower control arm and trailing arms as well?
For inside the engine bay, all you need it the master cylinder, you dont need it, but would be a good idea while you have the chance to get it, for the rear disc setup you will need the trailing arms, ebrake cables, and maybe the control arm but i dont think you do. And obviously the calipers and that SHOULD do it, just do it while you have access to the car. Correct me if i am wrong....