should i trust tokico shocks?

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90 accord

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thats what i was gunna go for, but i had herd good things about tokico also, so i checked their site, and i don't like how they have the same shock as fitting 4th and 5th generation accords, i know there's gotta be some difference, suspension wise, between the 4th and 5th generations


yeah- i'd imagine some difference too

fuck tokico. :)

koni or agx's


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LOL. thats great. i would say its a draw between koni, agx, and tokiko. I got tokiko and i love them. But ive heard nothing but good stuff about koni or agx. And ive rode in a few cars with agx and it was a good ride.

90 accord

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i've heard noting but good about them, and i have a friend with then who said they ride good, so i think i'll give them a shot


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I've heard bad things about KYB's. I've got Tokico Blues on my car, and they work wonders. That's if you don't want the adjustability, which I don't think I'll ever need.

90 accord

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i really don't think that i'll use the adjustability on the gc coils i'm gunna get, but i just likw knowting that i can if i ever really want to.


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i wont talk shit about tokicos but i know about kyb agx cuzz thats what i got. there tight!, if i set them on soft my car feels like a caddy, if i set them on stiff, it feels like i got some stiff sway bars durings the curves but its still smooth.i love them


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my friend had kybs on is volkswagon and a clip or something like that broke on the back strut and the stut shot right up in to the car thru a speaker damaged the inside trim and and it took them 2 months to get the part he needed to him to fix it!


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I am still going to get Koni Yellows. I have heard of people having problems with Illumina's but have never owned any. Never heard any problems with Koni's. KYB doesn't believe that the Gen 2 Integra has shocks in the rear, only the front. :roll:


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i have experienced kybs (on my hatch) and tokico blues on my friends prelude, the blues made is car handle like a mother and worked well with it slammed, i like my kybs but the adjustablity i find kind of useless b/c its not like a auto x or antyhing, i would have just got the blues and saved the 10 bucks.

90 accord

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but my dilema is, do i trust a company that spells it VTECH and doesn;t have different struts for 4th and 5th generaton accords? i know there's gotta be some kinda difference between them.

i am getting a hookup, so they will both be the same price prolly, i'm gunna see what he wants for the koni's too


:werd: i had kyb, and it rode good, now i got air cylinders by mic on it :D
but the kybs were all good, my bro has koni on his civic and they ride good too... noone around here rides on tokico.. the master of VTECH.. lol

isn't VTECH a toy or something at k-mart or wal-mart<-- white trash central
:lol: ha,