Should I Worry About This?

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Well, you guys helped me out with my question on identifying knock vs. valve tap, but I'm trying to go to sleep and I'm still thinking about possible problems with my motor. As you may know from my earlier post, my exhaust cam slipped and was advanced 10 degrees. I have not the tools nor the space to adjust it back because i'm at college right now here in Fairfield, CT. Now I have a noise that is almost definitely a valve tap. Now, honda motors are interference motors, so there is a good possibility that a valve has hit a piston somewhere, even though I have 9.2 : 1 pistons. I'm having the shop that did the cam gears take a look at it, and my quesiton is this: does a bent valve always result from hitting a piston? In other words, if I see no bent valves, should I assume that my pistons are OK? TIA