Si Ecu Or Gsr Ecu

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I put a 2000 b16a2 in my 98 civic ex, I used the 00 engine harness and the p2t ecu(obd2b b16a2 ecu) and i have a mess of wires in my dash to try to make it work and i keep getting codes! Has anyone done the swap, used the stock engine harness that came with the old motor(d16y8) and used a 96-98 GSR ecu? and if so does it run normal? Or is there an easier way to do this wiring crap?
Any coments would help---Thanks
the gsr will run your engine, although the fuel curves are not identical .

but you will not throw a code for not having iab's
It would have been easier if you used your stock EX harness, and added a couple of wires to it.

Then you can use a 96-97 delSol B16A OBD2 ecu, and it would be plug and play.