sick as tacoma (?)

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the freaking response and acceleration is just.......well sic!!!!

he could barely contain the damn thing.
i saw that.
and that truck almost got fucked up the ass in the end too.. he was stopping so fast he was fishtailing.
You mean the blue single cab, short box?

yeah. that was a totally diferent class though. this truck would just eat parish's lunch at every curve. i would have more fun with this than the chevy.
Yup. THAT thing was badass and it was still a truck that he used for work.

edit: Sure, that "Tacoma" would eat it though turns, but it's not a truck; it's a race car. I'd take a M3 GTR instead ;)
gotta love how even though he is bout to lose it in the grass or into the wall he stays in it... drives like me! :)

But yeah defiantly needs to get lower.
that thing is closer to a carolla than a tacoma.....

is it deisl? pushing mad black clouds out
Yea, that doesn't qualify as a truck in my opinion. More like a car with a truck name on it.
thats from 07...

looks like it was alot faster through the course than they expected and it caught the Bowler at the finish

theres a few 08' highlight vids on youtube, nothing overly awesome but someone did bring out a Gumpert Apollo
Gumpert Apollo for those that didn't know what it was. Pure sex.

^ Yeah those kick looks like he was driving on ice the whole time it was so powerful
that guy with the "tacoma" is one of the best drivers in the world. not many people can handle something like that.