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I wanna be sedated
crap This is probably from last year or something but I just found it.For all the delsol star wars fans.
dude that is fuggin crazy!! :D he did a damn good job...but WHY! :) He ought to auction that off at ebay. i bet it fetches a cool $5 grand! there are too too many star wars buffs out there with money who'd give their right nut for that car.
call me crazy but i love the interior, he did a pretty good job.
star wars fans have serious problems...its JUST A FRIGGAN MOVIE!!!

*note to self... start decorating hatch like the FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR*
Honda people are so stupid. They're just stupid CARSSSS!.

to each their own.
WTF??? A new form of RICE!!!!! only, not. I would throw up if i ever saw that car drive by me. and god forbid should he try to race me...... if i lost i would jump out and strangle him. i would be afraid to get infront of him tho..... he might gun me down. lol