Silvia Scouting

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The american version of the silvia is the 240 sx right??? If I'm wrong..someone please notify me of it..and it doesnt have that great japanese direct market engine in it does it....or let me refraise that..the domestic version doesnt boast the same performane notes as the allmighty japanese version....right??? :blink:
yes, the 240 is the ugly version of the silvia, it came with a 2.4L truck motor, not the 2.0L turbo motor... also, we only received up to the S14, never got the S15... shouldn't this be in Anything Goes?
heh, agreed, this is hondaswap not nissan swap :)

but you are right, the 240 has the 140hp truck motor, while the silvia has a more powerfull ~ 220hp (for the s15) motor (s14 200hp / s13 170hp - these numbers are off the top of my head and may not be 100% accurate, but should be close)

i was really thinking about going this route instead of a honda, because it is rwd, and with the swap would be very fast, and have potential to be faster, but it would be a pretty expensive, and most likley not smog legal adventure.
well basically yeah the 240sx is what we got in place of the Silvia. I used to have an S13, a 1990 Fastback SE with the SR20DET. (hence my username S13Less) With just bolt-ons and exedy clutch i did high 13's. too bad it was stolen.
hmm, that link looks familiar

heh, i actually originally put in 250 for the s15, but i thought it looked to high, so i lowered it, and the other engines respectivly, im getting to used too looking at honda Hp numbers, higher output motors just dont look right anymore :lol:
And the motor was not a truck motor in the '95 - '98 models. It was a dual overhead rear wheel engine. The dual over head didn't make it into the trucks til '98 or '99. I know cuz I researched the hell out of them, I was gonna get one before I got my lude, but am much happier with my lude (except, I wish it were rear wheel).