Simplest 93 Accord engine swap

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Just purchased a 93 Honda Accord 5 speed looking to put a motor in it and don’t wanna mess with the tranny what engine would be the best to mount up to it to give it more umph so to speak? Need advice to make a decent daily driver and nice looking


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You want an H22
And don't rule out a full swap with an upgraded transmission
The car is already manual, so it is just a matter of switching it out

Hmotorsonline has the euro R H22 for $2k + another $1k for the transmission with a limited slip differential


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a newer healthy F22/F23 swap of same OBD would be good and or a H22 swap , F/H are direct swap for most part
would a f23a (specifically this fit my 92 accord LX, it has an auto tranny and the engine is non vtec. My transmission is starting to go out, and the engine is about to be on its way aswell. I'm not sure what would be the most budget option for me to get the car reliable again.


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Any F23 based engine is going to be a different OBD, when compared to a 1990-1993 Accord. So, there will be extra wiring involved.