SiR II B16 in my EM1 00 Si, Knock Sensor ????

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Quick Story first:
I was throwing a code where my B16a2 motor had "contaminated fuel" was burning execessive oil, turned out to be a bad ring, I lost compression in a cyilnder.
Becuase of my job, and no experance on building a motor I could not be with out a ride, so I picked up a SiR II JDM b16 for cheap. Now I will have enough time to my build with out having to be rushed.

We got the motor in and changed all compontets to make it OBDII (still running the 00 Si ECU) and did the wiring trick for the CKF sensor.

Car is up and running, but now have a P0325 (Knock Sesnor Malfunction), How do you test the Sensor? Is there any diffrences with a older KS compared to the newer KS? What are some possible causes for a P0325 CEL?
(I know I could swap in my 00 Si KS cause it perviously gave me no probs, but I want to know if anyone else has had a prob like this?)

Other than the CEL the car runs great. thanks for any input


i would try swapping the sensor because they do go bad. you should also make sure the sensor is screwed all the way into the back of the block


yeah I will do that thanks,
but is there any way to test it? Just cuirous to see if it is a bad sensor


New Member
im sure that the OBD`s need to match
Change over your sensors and try that