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Thank you for your business.
So I decided with his grades improving, killing the 5th grade, and turning 11 in a month that we'd start on getting him a more or less custom skateboard. Started today with a board he chose (completely surprised him and Holli with it) and asked him if he wants to put this towards the skatepark or just cruising. He's torn on that aspect.

Anyone still do boarding? I never really did because my center of gravity is so high and the bad ankle.

I want him to help me build it to what he wants, but I also know he's going to do more neighborhood cruising than he will be doing any skatepark time. I'm not adverse to getting him a second board to take down to the park either. Any tips or go to wheels/grips/wheel mounts that you liked more than others?

I plan on a couple different wheel and grip setups depending on the direction he wants to go with it.

Also, I'd love to see him customize the top and get away from that lime green top.

Obligatory Eddie Van Halen in the picture.


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