Skunk 2 Manifolds

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has anyone throw one of these bad boys onto a b-16a?? i'm doing the swap as i type and i can't get my engine to stop smoking (coolant) so if anyone can help (sites, expereinces, coolant routes) it would be greatly appreciated

i just need to figure out where the return line from the throttle body goes... one of those pics almost helped... almost
start looking at peoples signatures on there posts. look for a car around your year and the swap your doing. find one? Good click the My Albums under there name and see if they have pics of there ride up in there. Alot of people do. I mean shit I do and I have a b16. check mine out if you want. if you need more i got the car outside!
right on... i think i got it now, blowin alittle oilly smoke but rippin like hell. i think its just beggin me for the b-20 thats all

and in this time... my head gasket blew. god damn honda's!!!!