Skunk2 Coilovers / Shock setup?

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Hey guys,

I don't have a car right now, but I decided to start saving for another project car. I'm probably going to get an EK Civic EX. I used to have a 94 del sol (si).

My question is about skunk2 coilovers and shock setup. I keep reading how skunk2's are super bouncy and this and that.

When I had my del sol, we put skunk coilovers on but didn't put the 'adjusting sleeves'...just springs right on the stock shocks. My car was slammed and I loved that height. I don't remember my ride being bouncy at all, and I never blew any shocks.

I'm just wondering if this same thing is a good way to go? I guess you can say I did things the 'ghetto way' back then as I was younger and didn't have the cash flow i do today.

On my new ride, I really want to get things right. I was planning on going with skunk2 coilovers and tokico illumina shocks.

What are your thoughts on this setup? I want my car to be slammed super low like last time. I may not use the adjusting sleeves this time around again.

I appreciate any input. Thanks
any way u cut it if u put lowering springs with stock height shocks your gonna blow the shock (eventually) and have a bumpy (or bouncy) ride. most lowering/performance springs give a bumpy ride just cuz they are stiffer than stock and u feel all the bumps on the road. tokico's are awesome shocks. my buddy has a set of tokico blues on his rx7 and it drifts like a champ. (i know your not going to be drifting a front wheel drive car but im using it a an example.

skunk2 springs and tokico illuminas should be good though.
you can only go so low on any shock without damaging it.. just because its aftermarket doesnt mean its meant to go as low as you want.. IMO.. anything lower than 2" is way too low .. 1.5" is perfect for me

at that.. use the sleeves and dont drop it as much and you should be fine. .. might wanna look into the Skunk2 sport shocks.. about $200 cheaper than the Illuminas and work well with Skunk2 coilovers
i like a good drop. like enough to tuck the front and back wheels (but thats my opinion).
i dropped my car about 3 inches with kyb gas shocks and ebay adjustable coilovers but i dont corner that hard cuz i live in the country and all the roads are pretty much straight.

in my opinion skunk2 shocks are too loose but they would probly work best with the coilovers
i rode a 2.25-2.5" drop on a set of kyb agx shocks for 5 years and they didnt blow. however i hear that if you are going below that range that the illuminas are better. i guess i will find out because i have closer to a 3" drop on my car now with kybs.... i guess ill see how long they last :D

if want some non adjustable shocks that will be cheaper then go with the skunk2 shocks for sure