Skunk2 Intake Manifold on H22a/Accord

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What's good people? Here's my question ...

I would like to know if a Skunk2 intake manifold will fit a 95' Accord with a H22a swap? I read somewhere it won't fit because of the firewall. It will be a tight fit for the intake manifold. Anyone on here can shade some light, I would appreciate the help. I hope the Skunk2 intake manifold will fit the Accord.


Hmmmm.....crap. I dunno. Have you tried asking Skunk2? There's no way you're the first person to ask this question.

I do know the Euro-R manifold fits an H22/Accord swap, but I don't know the relative sizes of the two mani's.
The skunk2 will fit..but it's very tight and you have to make a few trims here and there to the abs modulator as well as the 'mystery black box' in the 4th gen accords.

I did get one when they first came out and it wasn't that impressive. Unless you have a FULLY built's not worth it.

the best (and cheapest) alternative is to get another h22/23 intake manifold, remove the butterfly plate and drill out the metal inside. Better gains for 1/2 the money and 1/8 the headache.