Skunk2 Top End In My B18c

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Hello all.... Quick question for you...

I'm planning on changing out cams/valves/springs/retainers this spring, but I've been reading up on the subject, and one topic caught my eye...

Someone was doing the same thing to their car, and someone responded that he hoped that they weren't running Skunk2 Stage 2 cams on stock pistons... Why would that be a problem? I plan on building the top end this year, and the bottom end next year... Think I'll be able to run new (stock sized) valves with stage 2 cams on what I've got right now??

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated! :worthy:
you'll be fine running stock pistons with a skunk2 stage2 head, higher compression pistons will help produce power with those cams, and when you do that, clay the motor to make sure everything clears. and yes you'll be fine with stock sized valves (you'll want stock sized valves on stock pistons).
Stock sized valves work fine with Skunk2 Stage2 cams. They (Skunk2) say that you cannot run oversized valves with Stage 2 cams. If you have not bought your parts yet, talk to Jason (ALLJDM) from He has been very good to people buying through this site. Plus he is a nice guy.
Thanks for the info... Think this will be something that I can do myself?? I belong to a car club, and we've installed a Vortech SC on an SI, and pretty much everything else on our cars, so think we should be able to handle this??? lol...

I'll be ordering parts this week, thanks to your info... :)