Sleeved Block

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I am thinking about sleeving my block to handle more boost. Has any one had their block sleeved by import builders? If so what do you think about the job. Does anyone recommend any other places that will do a good job sleeving a block?


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IB has a very good rep and the owner jeff definiately knows his stuff. i've seen some very nice blocks come out of darton in carlsbad, ca. bensons also has a near flawless rep.


I had my B18C1 sleeved at Golden Eagle they did a great job and I like the deisn. The Best Price I found was with Camp 1320, ask for Tom. I would not let them do any final machining. There are other sources that are better.

Darton has changed their sleeve design recently. Added ridges to the O.D. They claim it will transfer more heat from the cylinder. This is true but the ridges are not at the top where the most heat is. They also cut a groove in the top flange and drilled a series of holes for water flow. I am not sure I like it. I have conserns about flow interuption causing hot spots. I cannot prove it.... If I were you loook at each deisgn of sleeve, read as much as you can, learn and make your choice.

Here is a pic of my block with Golden Eagles. The machining was done by Endyn.



CAMP1320 :thumbsdown:

Benson's is where its at IMO. If I were to get another block sleeved, thats where i'd be going.


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Actually Jeff said he uses his own brand of sleeves that are similar to LA sleeves with nickle in them. Anyone know anything about these? I have heard that bensons can have a super long turn around time. Is this standard for most shops? Jeff also said that he could get my block sleeved and back to me in about three-four weeks.


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pissedoffsol said:
CAMP1320 :thumbsdown:

Benson's is where its at IMO. If I were to get another block sleeved, thats where i'd be going.
i agree with this comment....camp1320 is very slow and very unreliable. Tom will promise you things and you will never get it....very shady business practices if you ask me.


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ok when they resleeve a block wil it make the walls better cuz ive already been told that the sleeve's on a b20 are weak but if i get the best ones will it be worth it


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Yes, it generally does. That's pretty much the whole goal behind a resleeving job.