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It snowed so much here last night, that even the Denny's closed!!
California MAY have some of the most fucked up smog laws around....

but at least it doesnt snow hahahahhahahahaha (l.a. area that is)
WTF are you complaining about. IT snowed over 31" of snow at my house in the last couple days. I'm in Denver Colorado so Don't bitch about the snow. :lol:
it rained last night strom coming for the south, waves pushing past head high, my mom was freaking out when the said a water spoot was coming toward the general direction of where we are, i didnt come close. that is our snow here it was 80 degrees today humide and stuff
yeah my uncle just called he lives up in denver, man that must be abitch getting around up there right now. I live in the next state over so hopefully we dont catch that weather that would blow. But we probaly will like always
Heres some pictures I took yesterday.



man, you guys are lucky, i have never once even seen snow...over here in hawaii, its the same ol hot ass weather...i cant even watch HBO without sweating...
yeah all thta snow in colorado is hurting busness for me. I work for nextel and our activations office is there and its been closed for the last two days because of snow. which means we can't sell phones because we can't activate them. I've lost so much money because of snow :(
93solman is here in Colorado as well. This weather sucks. At least it's done the standard Colorado thing today: The roads are now dry and clear, with hella piles of snow on the side of the road.
yeah, i live in wyoming and my dad went to denver for a conference or something. he was supposed to be home tuesday night. um he'll be home later today. we were supposed to get 48" of snow in two days, but somehow the temperature has been about 34 degrees (a miracle when you live at 4300 ft just off a mountain) somwe only got like 8 inches and a bunch of rain. the slush is damn sloppy tho.
Originally posted by karnash@Mar 19 2003, 02:28 PM
California MAY have some of the most fucked up smog laws around....

but at least it doesnt snow hahahahhahahahaha (l.a. area that is)

:werd: :D

Baker: sorry to hear that. :huh: u need to move to socal.
Up here in northern cali is quite impressive, just rained last night and we have some good dense air, this means good engine breathing. hey man, i feel you guys up in there, i use to live up in the mountains in the booneys, hhheewww, it was a fuckin white christmas alright.....cali's the shit, too bad we don't pass smog.
sorry, here is Louisville, Colorado, just east of Boulder. 28 inches within 48 hours. And it was the heavy snow that really sucks to shovel.

Yes, it's 50 degrees here today. Woo hooooo. Errr, wooo WOOOOOOOOOOOO