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I have a few things i need to get out of my garage. never thought i had so much stuff stashed away!!

here's the list:

99-00 civic Carbon fiber hood. (needs to have clear coat put on it. it is dull and has a couple scratches on it right now but some clear coat should help make it look good again) $200.00 obo

96-00 Civic DX or LX(non Vtec) Silver AEM Cold air inatake.
(used for about 10,000 miles. pretty good condition, the filter might need some cleaning.) $60.00-obo

96-00 civic Exhaust Manifold (EX manual) (came off the car when it had about 41,000 miles. it does have the 02 sensor, it should still be good but not sure) $45.00 obo if you want the cover just add $15 to the 45.00

99-01 i think! CTR Exhaust Manifold (Civic Type R exhaust manifold took them out when i got the ITR headers, in very good condition.) $ 75.00 obo & $15 for cover

96-00 civic OEM Cat back exhaust. stock muffler, missing bolts. $125.00 obo

96-00 civiccar sound catalytic converter used for 5,000 miles had the 2.5 flange on it to fit the 2.5 CTR or ITR headers or manifold. $100.00 obo(no 02 sensor!!)

99-00 OEM Catalytic converter has been cut on both sides to fit modified headers and cat back. $25.00 obo

96-00 civicH/R race springs only used for 2 weeks. my car was too low with the CTR engine in there. should be ok with stock ex engine. $ 100.00 obo

96-00 civic aftermarket springs (i think matrix made them) they are also about a 2 inch drop with stock engine.used for about 70,000 miles$ 20.00 obo

i have the black plastic that attaches to the front bumper underneath the car. dont know what its called but its going for $15.00 obo

also the black plastic that goes on the left side over the tire. $ 10.00 obo

96-98 civic headlight(1) $ 30.00 obo

CTR 2.5 manifold gasket (new) it also works for ITR headres $20.00 obo

99-00 B16 aramaki high performance spark plug wires used only for 2 weeks
$100.00 obo

chipped p28 ECU by Erick's Racing for B16 engines. not sure of the specs something like no limiter and ealier V tech start etc. $160.00

ecu harness to convert obd2 to obd1. $ 100.00

all these prices are negotiable. if interested email
i think in sticking with local only!!
pictures available upon request.