So I found an iPod ......

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Hey dudes....

So I got offered an iPod from a very good friend of mine. It's hot, obviously, but the price is amazing. It's the new 60g in the box, never opened. But before I buy it, I have to ask something.

1) Do you have to register these things? And if you do, do they like, record IP's or anything??? Is there a way I could get busted is what I'm asking.

2) One of the main reasons for buying this thing is for it to double as a removable hard drive. I'm going to be going to school in a few weeks and I need to transport Pro Tools files to and from school and home. Do these things carry any type of file?

Thats about it. Any help is appreciated.


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ipods carry no ips. they aren't network devices.

for storage:

but that said, supporting stolen products means people steal more.

so, if you do buy this from yoru buddy, i hope yours gets stolen so you know what it feels like.
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