So I tried that Mr. Clean AutoDry Carwash today


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I figured it was only $20 & they offered a full refund if I wasn't 100% satisfied. So I bought it & tried it out today. And I was extremely impressed! It did an incredible job. The only place I noticed water beading was on the molding on my front windshield, but not on any of the other windows. There were a very few places where there'd be a drop of water or two & I just swiped them with the chamois, but all in all it did a great job. Even on my wheels & tires. I have chrome wheels, so I expected them to be all spotted, but not at all!

It didn't strip my wax & my paint even feels softer than before. I think it's even cleaner! I noticed my sponge was really dirty & when I looked at the FAQ here's what it said: "...Mr. Clean AutoDry Carwash is so great at cutting dirt..." I need to get a new sponge now, but I'd rather have the dirt on my sponge than on my car. And the soap even smelled really good!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who, like me, doesn't mind washing their car but hates drying it! It even saves time because while it's drying you can be cleaning the interior or doing anything else! SOOOO WORTH THE $$$!

Cliff Notes:
Mr. Clean AutoDry kicks ass!
No spots- even on wheels & windows
Car cleaner than usual, paint softer
Highly Recommended!! :)
Ya, I was hella skeptical with that. I have not tried it yet. I know I will try it some day but for $20 I can have red carpet wash, dry, and detail my whole car........ AH, ill give it a wearl!!


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They had a segment on the local news here about the effectiveness about that washing system...they said that if you follow the directions to the "T", then it works as it claims it does, but something about shade/sun, outside temps and other bullshit.....and a high or decent water pressure hose works the best.

all of my cars are washed on a near normal basis, but nothing that a simple hose can't handle.....they all need new paint anyways.....


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Originally posted by Slammed90Lude@Mar 15 2004, 06:23 PM
is only good for one wash or is does it basically last indefinitely?

You're supposed to get 3 washes out of the starter kit, which is what I bought. You have to refill the soap (Mr. Clean AutoDry Soap only) & replace the filter. It's like any water filter & you can judge by the color of it when it needs to be replaced. The replacement filters are supposed to last 10 washes.

There's coupons & info available on their website:


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Originally posted by Airjockie@Mar 15 2004, 06:41 PM
they said that if you follow the directions to the "T", then it works as it claims it does, but something about shade/sun, outside temps and other bullshit

I didn't read anything about temperature, but it does say not to wash your car in the sun, which is common knowledge anyway. You're not supposed to wash your car in the sun no matter what you wash it with because the sun bakes the soap on & dries it & the water, making spots.

As far as following the directions "to a T" that doesn't really hold up either. I didn't wash my car really any differently than I normally would. I rinsed it, soaped it, rinsed it again. Only this time I didn't have to dry it!

It sounds like the news program you saw is for retards who rarely wash their own cars. It's not harder than normal & you don't really have to do anything differently. Just use common car-washing sense. :)