So, I've been "e-fighting" with some local dude...

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I made the millionth post
all this over my Mugen kit I'm selling on CL...anyway, convo's seperated by "***" (goes him/me/him/me/ect) and if you can't tell, I'm the one who can spell:

RARE..84-87 Honda CRX Mugen widebody kit, ONLY 1 OF 6 IN THE
that is tha gayst looking car iv evah seen... u must b a fag seeing u
got a rainbow flag on your whip? that whole car is worth 100$ for junk
money nevahmind 1100$ for a body kit .....dont waist your time emailn me
your queer ass responce cuz i wont even open it , do ya take that
rainbow car 2 hahaha. tha only made 6 cuz theres only 6 spics in
tha world who wood have that n your 1 of em
get fucked homo

And while your at it, get some grammar "skilz y0"

Come tell me how gay it is...or are you just an internet badass?
wats yur adress? no wait dome down 2 tha fairview projects. apartment 2a
pussy. and bring your wife so me and my boys can run a train on her ass

and i have grammer skills u idiot i didnt spell 1 thing wrong dumb spic

y dont u come down 2 the fairviewprojects im at apt 2a . and tell me i
have a grammar problem youll b greetd by sum goons at the front door ya
First of all, what the fuck are the "fairview projects"?

Second, you're the tough guy, so you can come to me...380 atwood ave in cranston...I'll be there all night Friday
there projects in taunton .im not going 2 ghetto rhode island. when u
live in taunton pussy

Don't you live in the projects?

I have family/a garage in Taunton, I live in providence

Come down, being your friends
come down,being your friends?whos tha real moron.what the fuck u talkn
I'm talking about you coming to ri and telling me how gay my car is and what a spic I am

You hit it right on the head, I'm a 5'3 105lb should go into the psychic business, maybe it'd get you out of the projects
id step on u lil midget spic . im 6.1 240 all muscle punk . and im a
mma fighter. id kill your shrimp spic self in 1 hit .. if u dont mind
g2g fuck my 2 rican spic hos and make em choke on my 8inch non hard cock
u punk so bys
Wow...6'1 huh...geez, what a monster


So, you must be good seeing how you live in such a nice place...raking in the dough

You can talk all you want, but coming down and telling me to my face would set everything do it or shut your fucking faggot ass mouth
and who said i lived in the projects thats 1 of my hos cribs im there
right now .i own my own house. its not big its only a 4 bedrom 2 n a
half bath brand new .
Haha...I'm sure it is
ya mmma mixed martial arts cunt .your a real tough guy behind a
keyyboard u spic go back 2 your own country u illegal fuck u prolly a
dirty brazilian who makes 6$ a hour washing dishes hahaha

listen spic ill send u pix 2 prove u wrong bout my house and im all done
talkn. u no my gfs adress so come down or shut your spic face
I told you where I'd be...I don't want any pics homo

You emailed me, so you can come to me and prove all your bullshit lies.

What's you full name tough guy?
What's your real address if that's your "ho's" place?

Mma, ha!
Your a dumb degenerate overweight out of shape suburban shitbag who's probably still in high school (or a dropout)

Go fuck yourself internet cunt
im 6.1 and weight 240 hows that overweight?? your 5.3 and 105 lbs your
a fuckin tothpick kid id snap your spic ass in half .just 4 your stupid
spic comments im gonna go 2 th adress u gave me in like a hour or 2 so
cya around 3 pussy
Friday retard, not there today
oh yea my real names carmine garabino .100% sicilian bich and proud of
it. whats your name??

ur not gonna b there till friday thats cuz it isnt even your house u
lyn pussy hahaha not gonna waist my time wit u cuz ill end up squezn ya
head with my hands till it bursts . then rape your spic cum slut wife.
now i shall block u from emailn me good luck with selln that rainbow
spic car
Didn't say it was my house

You won't do shit because you don't have the balls

Come down Friday and we can straighten it out...or keep sending me emails like a dickless bitch
y dont u give me your adress n ill go there right now if your such a man
ill come there right now??
I do work...and why would I give you my address? So you can throw eggs at my house in the middle of the night like a puss?

I told you when and where I'll be...come then or shut your stupid mouth
um u seem busy at work right now .trolling the internet looking 4
underage girls 2 molest. stop looking up child porn sites u sicko. i do
work its called im a mma fighter and get paid 2 fight .i also own myown
auto detail shop n have brazilians like u workn 4 me for 6$ a hour . so
i dont really have 2 work only when im fighting . and if u wernt such a
lil pussy u would give me your adress n not wait till friday so u can
have tha cops waitn 4 me like the SPIC LIL HOMO U ARE
No cops, just show up
u are scared n will have tha cops waitn 4 me pussy spic GIVE ME YOUR
Moron, if I was going to call the cops, don't you think I could do it today and they'd be here before you?

Friday jerkoff...

and thats where we far as I can tell from the email address his name is Mike G but no luck with myspace or anything, the address only comes up on Ringo which was shutdown a long time ago


Man that guy is giving all Italians a bad name. I wish that meathead douch bags like that guy would just keep there heritage to themselves. Thats not to say I dont think he is a bastard anyway, but I am Italian and I just cant stand him making all the rest of us look like uneducated, testosterone junkies who have deeply hidden butt fucking needs. Sorry that you had to endure this abuse.


Man that guy is giving all Italians a bad name. I wish that meathead douch bags like that guy would just keep there heritage to themselves. Thats not to say I dont think he is a bastard anyway, but I am Italian and I just cant stand him making all the rest of us look like uneducated, testosterone junkies who have deeply hidden butt fucking needs. Sorry that you had to endure this abuse.

He's probably not even Italian.

He's not 6'1 and 240lbs, he's probably 5'2" and 85 lbs ,he's not an MMA fighter, he doesn't own a body shop, and I can almost guarantee you he doesnt have a house. He lives exactly where he said in the first post, in the projects, and is probably just excited about finally getting dial up internet.


Mad Man
Its probably some dumb kid having a laugh. You are playing right into his game. As if he will actually show up and confront you. I very much doubt any info he gave you is true. I say just leave it alone, unless you enjoy the entertainment value of this whole thing.


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I did not get the impression that this guy is Italian. Maybe thats just me. Does anyone else find it weird that people try that damn hard to spell that horribly?


I made the millionth post
its very entertaining to me

also, I lied about my "stats" as well


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Ahaha wow. What pussy. I could kick that kid's ass and I'm 5'5'' and 110 lbs.

And who cares if there's a rainbow on your car? Rainbows are cool.

If you're gay, what's with the wife?

And about the rape thing, I'd tear a kid in half for saying shit like that.


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I'd wrestle a small bear. I would wrestle an aligator. I may even roll around with a cougar.

I won't fuck with Hosmer.


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If he was such a hard ass, why would he have his homies meet you at the door? For someone that owns his own house and is such a bad ass, why is he at his girls house when she should be over there? This guy is a douche. If--which I doubt he will--he shows up to that place, he will prolly try to roll up with his "boyz" and think he's tough. Probably wielding a knife or something. Asshats like this should have been a stain on the mattress...


haha, you should do the ip trace then email him with his own personal info.
that would fuck him up.
he wouldnt know what to think.


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My friend I made in TN and I did that. We got this stalker kid's soc. and other info and fed it back to him. We probably gave him info he, himself, didn't even know about.

This kid hacked into my friend's myspace though and shit.