So, I've been "e-fighting" with some local dude...

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AHAHAHA. Yeah right. I lived in the "ghetto" of Boise, Idaho. Fuck that. Some chick got killed two houses away from mine by her husband and there were meth labs everywhere. Shootings and shit also. I don't go around trying to kick everyone's ass.


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The "Ohio Valley"...Steubenville (cringing)...I hate it. 8 months left and counting down. My car is going to be packed and I am driving away and never looking back the minute I answer the last question on the last final...

Ive ventured through Steubenville before and its not nearly as bad as Akron or Canton, luckily I live in a small redneck town just between the two.


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It's gotten worse lately. I guess there is a new gang coming in from Chicago trying to take over Heroine or whatever. Also, I've scooted through Youngstown a couple times and I thought it was way more desolate there, despite Ohio State being there.