So Little Money, So Many Choices

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Well guys ive been driving my 92 Integra spiritly around town for about a year now and the motor is getting tired.. it feels sluggish and needs a little push.. so here are my options with about 2000-2500 bucks..
a) swap out that tired beast and make my parents cough up about another 500 or so and get a B18C1 (can i still retain the tranny, thus making it cheaper?), or
B) get a B18B which is the same thing almost except OBD and slighty different cams for about 2 more hp, or
c) do an LSVTEC? if that which head? i wanna go with B16A, but california prohibts it.. but i can just lie and say im riced out and its only a VTEC cam cover :lol: .. also if i go with c, how much for labor and parts? im thinking of getting shot peened rods,Type-R pistons, ARP bolts and rods, vtec water and oil pumps, p28 chip (which one should i get), and tune it..


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I personally like the DA's. you can make those cars nice and clean. Anyway, that motor is a good platform as well. so what i would do is with that money that you have right now. rebuild the motor, like put new pistons and all that stuff in there. then whenever you saved up more money, i would go and either get a vtec head and covert it to lsvtec or save up for a turbo. then you'll have a decent street car on your hands.


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personaly a cheep as mofo like my self would say,

damn stright get the B18c1 labor might be like 1000 at max and if u have alittle money left over try to make the shop port and polish it and bore it out alittle.
then drive it like that for awile untell u save more money

i think thats an ok idea i might do that when i get my civic and swap eng

what do u other people think?


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you will never pass emissions with an LSVTEC, belive me, they know what is up.

I would say to just buy a gsr long block and swap that in. You can use your existing tranny and it would be a pretty cheap swap. h motors online, gsr longblock = 1700 also you can probally get it cheaper at hybridrevoluiton (sp?)

also, disregard what the person above wrote. Do not pay some shop to do the work for you, install it yourself and save 600. Also, a little money left over will never pay for a shop to bore the block and port and polish the engine. the work you just stated is a good 3000 when your all said and done.


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Why don't you just get a 94-95 B18B long block?It is the same OBD,can be cheap as hell,has a little more hp,and will bolt right in using your tranny and all supportive systems.


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yeah im looking at the B18Bs and C1... do a little more thinking and hopefully have something strong in my tired out DA.. :)