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Also, I'm not sure if you're catching to this, but this is THE MOST IMPORTANT NEWS IN THE WORLD. Granted, they are at a caveman stage in life, but we now share the planet with bonafide intelligent lifeforms. They were a handful of sentient beings (They can recognise themselves in a mirror) and now they use Tools. Which makes them, fundamentally, Equal to us.

-> Steve

And now, to see if anyone will catch on to this, we need to draw up laws that protect them as "Fellow Earthlings"


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I think this is important news, yes. However, it was already well known that primates did this so..... If you mean it is important in the hopes that it will propel people to pass environmentally friendly laws I agree with that.


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Is to



Is to...

Super evolved cetaceans. Your mind may now melt.

-> Steve


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didn't yall see the simpsons where the dolphins took over springfield and explained everything?!?!?


i htink the dolphins brain is much more developed than humans, and they would be far past "caveman stage" if they had appendages to better manipulate thier enviroment...

all the centuries humans have evolved and changed their societies through materials things, dolphins have been evolving mentally...

dolphins can create double helixes and rings in the water that they push around and play with...


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mine goes to the door when he has to go


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Originally posted by reckedracing@Jun 7 2005, 09:28 AM
dolphins can create double helixes and rings in the water that they push around and play with...

I can make beer come out of my nose.


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actually, dolphins are mammals, but i know you guys knew that already. and its been know they are pretty friggin smart. so are apes and monkeys. and what about parrots? some say the only mimic while others say think actually understand the meanings of the words they speak. oh yeah and squids and octopus are friggin smart too.

too bad animals arent smart enough to make guns and kill themselves. that way, they can be smart like humans too.