SOHC zc non-vtec

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so im still really new to this so you can label me as the noob but as much as i read into doing a vtec head i cant find a decent enough topic on my block with a vtec head and what works?

i got a zc non-vtec sohc block

what kinda head is the best setup with this block?

what ecu will work and would be the best setup?

as far as install how hard is it mechanically and ellectricaly speaking?

need whatever help i can get... i heard that the z6 or the y8 are my choices as well as a p28 ecu, i got a guy said hell give me his z6 head and chipped p28 for 150? not sure what program it has but i know it works and its in good condition just took it off his car, buddy of mine from HS who is a writer for honda tuning magazine, any suggestions or any help as to how this swap works and what would be the easiest way for me to do this?

thanks for the help, this has probablly been asked previously in the forums but as much as ive gone through the old topics and archives i havent found something helpfully enough. thanks again any help is appreciated


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Originally posted by boost_fed_ef@Jun 29 2005, 02:38 AM
i got a guy said hell give me his z6 head and chipped p28 for 150
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thats a good deal, go for it. there are a ton of mini-me writeups around. you will definately enjoy it. do the obd1 conversion and get the stock p28 chip for your ecu, it will probably be the best bin that you can run.

also base the mini-me swap on the a6, because the sohc non vtec zc and the a6 are completely identical, except for the cam