SOL Wont Start!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey guys so I have a 93 del sol with a d 16 z6 well it's my fiance's and he is deployed but I went out this morning and went to start the car and it cranks but just won't start. Everything sounds good and there has been no problems with the car until now. I am totally lost help me out please
Either the car isn't getting fuel, or it's not getting spark. An easy way to tell if it's getting fuel is to listen for the fuel pump. Without actually cranking the motor, turn the key from OFF to Run. You should here a quiet humm coming from the rear of the car as the fuel pump primes. Checking fuel pressure is a more reliable way of checking this. If it's not getting fuel, more likely than not the fuel system main relay went bad. This small gray box is under the dash by the fuse panel and has a wire harness coming out of it.

To check for spark, test each spark plug wire one at a time. Pull the wire boot out of the engine, and set it against bare metal somewhere in the engine bay. have a friend crank the car. You should see a spark arc from the plug wire to the metal. If it dosnt arc, then you may have a bad distrubutor.