Sold the Bronco .. Bought a Excursion

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But why?

I dig the truck. A lot.

You're like 30 right? Why are you still dumping money into stereo shit?

401k/IRA>subs at this point.

Chicks dig $$ also.


For real. Max that 401K and IRA minimum!
lol I dont come beat the dicks out of yalls hands .. trust me my finances are fine and this is a cheap truck ... customer gave me the spacers ... bought the wheels/lugs/caps from another customer literally off their scrap pile (4x4 shop) for $100 .... literally TRADED A JACKET for the tires mounted and balanced to another customer .... my stocker 16s needed tires ... the exterior polishing/decladding etc literally just cost me my own labor time ... the stereo .................... I have in investment in all that stuff and buying and selling rockford amps on the side literally paid for a week vacation this year ... they are appreciating value (rare sought after clean example amps) .. the subs meh fun money ... again almost 30 with good income/savings/investments/a franchise... this is a cheap daily/bass truck/tow pig/work truck I might have $6000 total into literally total investment with stereo and all.. could pull the subs out and put a smaller amp in and sell truck for 6k easy... enough of that talk on my build thread ty


speaking of that .... sold my battery bank and with that money bought a 40ah EH5 Lithium pack to take the truck to 15.5v to wake the amps up, funny thing is I bought the batteries at cost from a customer .. used them and sold them for $50 more than this much stronger battery cost lol