Some Belt Problems

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I swapped a b16A SIR-II into my 95 civic but when i bought 3 new drive belts for a 95 honda del sol dohc vtec, i could only use one of them and i had to use two of the old ones that came with the engine. But the two used ones are about to go, so from what car am i able to get these new belts from?


do you have a del sol a/c bracket and using the b-series a/c compressor?
or, did you run the d-series compressor?

powersteering should fit-- loosen the wingnut down, and the 2 bolts on the side to slide the tensioner.


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b16a2???????? or b16a3????????

get that one for the motor that it is if it for a b16a2 99-00 civic si

if its b16a3 94-97 del sol vtek
hope this helps man

ya boy steveo