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FM Broadcast unit

Yeah, I'm a ham too. Neat item, DO NOT BID ON IT unless you're licenced. The FCC DOES track things like this and you'll get bitch slapped with a fine for even ordering it. But it is a good way to have fun with traffic.

-> Steve


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im pretty clueless about something like this, but what type of liscense is required for this? it would be mad fun for car shows too...


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I was thinking it would be GREAT for showing up with your group.

If you enter the field and suddenly everyone's radio clicked on to your song, while your group synrchronize parked it would make an impression. But everyone would need to be tuned in.

You need the same $30,000 licence that your local radio station has.

-> Steve


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That's pretty cool! Can't you build your own FM transmitter, but with MUCH lower power, and run it without a license? I thought you could have broadcast influence for like 50 feet or something without needing any permits. Something small like that would still work with your buddies at a car show.


theres nothing in the auction that says you need a license...

i doubt the fbi would be tracking something like that....

great way to pick up on chicks in the car next to you when you are driving down the street....