Some Parts For Sale

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DSM 450 Injectors with OBD1 clips - $75 shipped

AC Technics Fuel Rail - $60 shipped
B&M FPR - $30 shipped

Injector resistor box from 95 Accord - $15 shipped

Hasport Mounts only the two top mounts, i think they are for a b series into a 96-00, but not sure they were included with the hatch that i just bought - $150 shipped

generic fuel pressure gauge - $15 shipped

Turbo XS Blow off valve - $75 shipped

will add more parts as i think of them.
Originally posted by jdmEM@Aug 24 2005, 05:59 PM
what does that FPR fit is it universal if so im interested in the guage and the FPR let me know......
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it fits b series fuel rails.

bump for pics
Originally posted by adidas_man+Aug 26 2005, 11:19 AM-->
@Aug 25 2005, 02:02 PM
work with me on the DSMs, FR and FPR... shipped 85323
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PM sent.

Also, about how long is that fuel line? Ill check and see if it'll fit, or I have to get a new one. Once I get rid of the B20 in my engine bay, and have the new engine in, I should be able to relocated the FF back to the OE spot (on the firewall). Im thinking, if its like 18" or longer (maybe 12"-15"), we are GOOD.

Ill let you know. I cant do anything until next payday (little less than 2 weeks). And you take PayPal right?