Some serious off road rigs.

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Reminds me of the good old days with are rig, 2 bad me and pops sold it!
my girlfriend pointed out that the second half of the video is in russia.
or at least has russian plates and stickers..
Byron you've been here almost 2 years and still cant post this in the correct forum.. belongs in automultimedia
oh, well she didnt point anything out till the second half.
makes me want my old tj back
4in suspension lift
1.5 body
detroit locker front and rear
4.88 gears
dana 30 front
super dana 35 rear
rhino lined interior because i sank it up to the hedlights with 47mi on the odometer
lots of other mods if you have owned a jeep you know what it stands for

J ust
E mpty
E very
P ocket