something i should have not done

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ok long sorry short i was engadged for about 2 years to this girl we broke up two months ago and have not spoken since today i emailed her to tell her how things were going with me and i have always known her password to her email so i wanted to make sure she got it because she tends to block email and i told myself that i was not going to snoop but i had to i guess she has a new b/f it was like all the healing that i have done in the past two months just went right out the window i am shaking right now i am so sad sorry just had to vent


hmm, serves ya right you shouldn't have snooped.
what you don't know can't hurt ya.

but in anycase I can sympathize with ya been there done that
that sucks, if i were you i would stay away from beer and driving fast, but instead find some random chick (with somewhat good looks) just to play around with until you feel a little better then ditch this one for something better. Take it from me it works wonders, you keep the new for a few weeks, and by then something good has come along.
Good Luck man and don't kill your self.
sorry man, that does blow, but if its only 2 mo.s ago, im sure she is still feeling alot of sad things too, and she may realize that her new b/f is a putz and come running back to you. you never know.

oh yeah, and chicks are not worth killing yourelf over.
i did that with voice mail tha t shit really hurt, it also helped me realize after dating the girl for near three years she wasn't worth any of the time and energy I had put in. I also from that day forward never snooped in anyones shit again


ya, i did the email snooping thing after i was dumped, it just made it feel A LOT WORSE, just stay away from that, i know from experience.... i say go out to a club and get some random chick to swallow your load, it turns that frown upside down :)
Dude, next redlight, rev your car to vtec or redline (which ever comes first) and dump that shizzy!! Make you feel loads better. :p


Originally posted by KrAzKrEg@Oct 17 2002, 05:18 PM
Dude, next redlight, rev your car to vtec or redline (which ever comes first) and dump that shizzy!! Make you feel loads better. :p

no, cuz you'll break your car then be even more pissed, then you might literally kill somone!
Girls/Guys are not worth getting upset about. There are plenty more out there. You are very capable of meeting someone else. Just don't so anything stupid (hurt yourself, hurt someone else, hurt your car, etc.) before you do.
Violence is never the answer. Unless the question is, "What does V-I-O-L-E-N-C-E spell???"

Nah seriously...just do your best to forget about it and my girl dated for 3 years...we go to the same college, and she's been seeing some dude from a neighboring school and tryin to be all sneaky/behind-the-back about it. I finally saw them together last week for the 1st time and snapped. I punked the kid out so hard he ran into the house and wouldn't come back out for shit. It was dumb...cops, yelling, crying...u know the routine.

Moral of the story...even tho kicking the dudes ass would be'll probably get u into ALOT of shit. I love contradicting myself. <_<

I feel for you man!!!
Originally posted by dohcvtec_accord@Oct 17 2002, 04:23 PM
Girls suck. They're cold, heartless wallet vacuums. Don't even worry another second. There are plenty more in the Nine Circles of Hell for you.

fuck yea! lol that's great!!
you know what fuck her you guys are right i acctually feel for the guy he has no idea what he is in for this girl put me though so much shit it is not even funny not to say that i did not do a lot shit to her to put she has A LOT of mental issues i am not going to beat the guy up or kill myself she is not worth the time i am just depressed about the direction of my life right now it just seems that ever since she left my life i have been in a down ward spiral and my life was so happy and up beat when i was with her i guess i miss that most of all with her my life felt more complete