Soo sold the da , bought a SHO

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He should trade the MX5 for the SHO, trade the SHOs wheels for some crappy wheels, trade the SHO with the now crappier wheels back for the MX5 from there it's just a matter of trading the chit wheels on his MX5 for the less crappy ones on the SHO wheels. Offset and bolt size? Who gives a fawk it's original to use wrong sized wheels on the MX5 plus the fact that it came off the SHO means at least a 1 second drop in the MX5's quarter mile.

Only problem is he might need to do another round of trades to get the original better tires from the MX5 back onto the SHO wheels.


I'm not sure but i feel like one half of my brain just said fuck it... :lolhammer:


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Is this the last pic we're going to see ? Is it being photographed in front of it's final resting place ?
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