Speedo Cable Help!

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ok guys i need a quick reply on this, so hopefully someon will be able to help. ok im replacing the speedometer cable on my CRX. i took off the cluster and follow the cable down under the dash, and nearly to the floor. but i loose it there, i cant find where it goes or even where it hooks on the transmission. i dont know if it makes a difference, but the tranny is a YS1 and mated with a B18C1 engine. now i need to know how to do this, or if someone can give me step by step instructions, that would be great, but like i said, im trying to do this right now so i need the answer super quick if at all possible. many thanks and :worthy: for anyone that helps!!!
You probably lost it where it went through the firewall. In the engine bay standing on the passenger side of the car, start at where the starter motor attaches to the transmission. Now look a little to the left. The speedo cable should be right there under part of the wiring harness. If you still have the head on the engine it will be a tight fit to get you hand in there.