Spongy Clutch?

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I have a JDM b16a in a 92 honda civic and every time I push the clutch in it is real spongy. It will engage when it is really close to the floor. This morning i could not get it to go into first gear. I have a hydo trany, and I put dot 3 fluid in it, and it is still the same. So any info could help. Thanks. (it got down to 17 degres last night if that helps)
Ok I tried to bleed the clutch and it just got worse. I opened the bleeder and had my dad press the clutch down, I then closed the bleeder and had him let off the clutch. The fluid came out and so did some air, but now when I press the clutch down it stays down. We did this well over 20 times. I have no pressure at all. :(
Ok never mind I know what I was doing wrong. I didnt keep the fluid high, and kept getting air in the lines all over again.:)


If that doesn't do it you may have a bad master cylinder as well


Yeah, could be.. being so flipping cold you could have cracked an old seal or something.

But try bleeding it first. Thats probably the problem, and a $5 fix.